Roi Flute Master Cleaner

Fine fabric for absorbing water quickly and perfectly. Refill available. Silicone handle. 17 mm center mark. Choose from four colors: pink, blue, green or yellow.
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Roi Piccolo Master Cleaner

Made of silicone. Non-toxic. Detachable. Quickly absorbs moisture. Choose from two colors.

Piccolo Flag Fixed Length

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK! The fixed length piccolo flag is a tool made of absorbent micro fiber to quickly swab the moisture from your piccolo without taking your piccolo apart. About 14.5 inches long. Various colors available.

Woodwind FIXIT Tool

A Multitool for every woodwind. One side is a spring hook and the other is a small screwdriver. Comes in 4 colors. Attaches to your instrument case or bag.